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Rev. Suzette Wehunt

Our Senior Minister

Graduated from the Holmes Institute School of Ministry in 2005 and was Ordained in 2008. My passion has led me to create Om Center for Spiritual Living from the ground up. My hope is that you find me a down to earth speaker, bringing a joyful process to your spiritual discoveries. I believes that as you tap into your inner potential you will realize and become an expression of God to others and the entire world. I work to empower individuals to create and live a great life,  I proudly support the community of La Mesa with our outreach programs and more. My hope is that you will be inspired and utilize the principles we teach and if you need support know that you are not alone and will be loved.


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Om Center for Spiritual Living in La Mesa is headed by Rev. Suzette Wehunt.  I am a participating member of Om.  We frequently do a “process” after the weekly message.  The process consists of contemplating a series of questions posed by the Reverend.  We jot down our responses then divide into groups of 2 or 3.  We then choose to share with our group mates and discuss our responses to the questions.  The group we share with is always made up of just the right people.  We voice our ideas, concerns, hopes, and desires.  Sharing really is caring… about ourselves and others.  We can share out to the whole group on an individual basis if we wish.  We end the process with a summation and prayer by the Reverend.  After the service is over, we have the opportunity to consult with a Science of Mind Practitioner for an affirmative prayer, if we so choose.  This series of activities offers us a chance to integrate the message of the day with like-minded people and within ourselves.    Thank you, Om! 

Margaret Klingensmith


Rev. Natasha Eckholm,  Staff Minister,     Om Center for Spiritual Living

Rev. Natasha Eckholm is a licensed minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, and working towards ordination. She also is completing her chaplaincy training at UC San Diego Health where she serves as a Palliative Care Chaplain.  Natasha shares: "It is my joy and privilege to know the spiritual wholeness of every person. I am grateful to work with such a wonderful team of ministers and practitioners at Om to share the teachings of the Science of Mind and support all people in their spiritual growth." We are very excited to have Natasha be a vital part of our Pastoral Care team and a Staff Minister.

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Rev. Jerry Troyer

Guest Minister,  Ordained- Emerson Theological Institution


President,  Affiliated New Thought Network (

Certificated Affiliate, Emerson New Thought Center


Director of Relationship Development, Urban Street Angels


Mobile phone 619.403.0865

"Nothing is too wonderful to happen; nothing is too good to be true."

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Rev. Shari Sorbo,  D.D.

Staff Minister, Om Center for Spiritual Living 

Shari Sorbo is a practitioner, psychotherapist and minister whose life’s passion has been to support people who have been searching for their own true joy and happiness by inspiring them to discover and live from their own true joy.   Rev. Shari is a certified Brene Brown facilitator and offers workshops and sessions on request. 

Mobile phone 310.650.4434


You are Welcome at

Om Center for Spiritual Living!

At Om, we recognize that each of us is on our own unique spiritual journey and that people come to a Spiritual Center for a variety of reasons. Some come from a place of deep personal longing, changes or a life crisis.  Some seek encouragement, support, and community. Some long for a place with which they can refresh themselves in open heartfelt space.  Others seek a place for new and meaningful spiritual connection and traditions.  

Om Center for Spiritual Living, in La Mesa, is a place where individuals are encouraged and supported in developing a meaningful,  individual spiritual path while sharing their journey with others doing the same thing. Along with our Sunday program, we offer Spiritual Classes, Meditation programs, Music Ministry and programs to support your growth. 

Om CSL is an inclusive community, we LOVE you the minute you arrive, no matter where you are on your personal spiritual path.

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