Live Sunday Broadcast 

You can watch our live services at 10 AM every Sunday. Also watch previous services.

At 10 am CLICK ON THE BUTTON ABOVE AND YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO OUR LIVE STREAM PLAYER.  This will be a larger viewing screen where you can view previous Sunday Video's, as well as, View our Live Stream  Broadcast at 10am on Sundays and be able to chat with each other.   At Om,  we consider our Online Congregation to be as important as those who are in attendance.  We welcome you as a vital a part of the audience and have reserved a seat under the camera just for you...welcome all!  SHARE US ON FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT... WE WOULD LOVE TO ENLARGE OUR AUDIENCE!


If you can only view us on an iPad or Android tablet,  you can now download the "Sunday Stream" app and then put in our ID - OmCenterForSpiritualLiving (no spaces) when the application opens.  You can then view the LIVE SUNDAY STREAM and or prior Videos with ease.  


Additionally, be aware that if you join us on a Sunday,  you may be joining while we are in meditation and or during live music. All of our Sunday Services are Live Stream Video Broadcast of the entire service from 10 am until the last song.  Know that you are a vital part of our congregation and that we acknowledge your presence each week.  You can now meditate, sing along,  watch the Powerpoint Presentation and any video's we may show during the service.  You can expand the image two ways; full screen or click on the arrow below the live presentation and the image will expand to the left and right viewing of your screen.  The imaging is very clear and almost TV like,  so enjoy our service,  the music, and the community.  If you enjoy this ministry,  know that your donations and tithes make a difference.

Thank you for joining our service.


Many Blessings,  Rev. Suzette