Sunday Services

Due to the CoronaVirus Om CSL is  Doing a Live Zoom Service

This includes Music,  Prayer,  Meditation,  an Inspirational talk,  Offering and  Community time after the Service.  All are Welcome!  We will be offering this type of program until the end of April or until we have been given the word we can re-open our Sanctuary.  Below is how you can Join us via the Internet or Phone.  All of us look forward to having you join Us!

Join Sunday Zoom Service


email: for the password

or Join by By Phone +1 301 715 8592


Meeting ID: 737 845 8285  

If you have not already, please download and create a personal account as it is FREE and you get 40 minutes each time.  This will allow you to connect with all of our weekly programs as well as on Sundays. Additionally,  all of our talks are available for viewing on our website:  ,   or on .


During this time you are in our prayers for safety,  perfect health and love.  Know you are not alone and you can contact any of our Ministers or Practitioners for Prayer.

Much Love,  Rev. Suzette

Speakers - Performers & Practitioners




Cahill & Delene      Joe Rathburn   Cassie Morris     Teri Wilder     Sylvia Aguilera   Talia Morales

Om Practitioners In Service & Speakers 5th Sunday of the Month


Rev. Suzette Wehunt

Senior Minister

Rev. Jerry Troyer

Staff Minister

Rev. Shari Sarbo

Staff Minister

Natasha Eckholm, RScP,  Ministeral Intern



In Memory of

Christina Veronica











January Theme -Timeless Wisdom,  Evolutionary Vision
Sunday  3rd,   "Timeless Wisdom,  Evolutionary Vision" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  Music: Joe Rathburn
Sunday  10th, "Ground Beyond the Beginning" with Rev. Jerry Troyer,  Music:  Cahill & Delene
Sunday  17th   "Here & Now" with Rev. Shari Sorbo, Music: Lesley Alexander
Sunday  24th  "Looking Ahead" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  Music: Teri Wilder
Sunday  31st   "Looking Above" with Practitioner Sunday,  Music: Talia Morales & Sylvia Aguilera
February Theme -One Journey Many Paths
Sunday  7th,    "A Clean Slate"  with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  Music: Joe Rathburn
Sunday  14th,  "The Infinite Invisible"  with Rev. Jerry  Music: Talia Morales & Sylvia Aguilera
Sunday  21st,  "One Mind Infinite Connection"  with Rev. Shari Sorbo Music: Lesley Alexander
Sunday  28th,  "Journey to Freedom" with Rev. Jerry  Music  Music: Cahill & Delene
March  Theme - Open to Possibilities
Sunday  7th,    "Living In the Question: A High Idea" with Rev. Suzette Wehunt Music:  Joe Rathburn
Sunday 14th,      "Release & Let Go" with Natasha Eckholm, Min. Intern,  Music: Cahill & Delene
Sunday 21st,    "With Open Arms"  with Rev. Suzette Wehunt,  Music: Lesley Alexander
Sunday 28th,   "Journey to Freedom" with Rev. Jerry Troyer,  Music: Teri Wilder