Current Classes are all on Zoom

Starts January 25th
Tuesday 6pm - Zoom
Facilitator - Rev. Shari Sorbo

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Self Mastery is not a state of being,  or a skill that we can use to conquer life and gain control over our desires,  aims,  and abilities.  It Is Rather:  An ongoing growth process of a journey of awakening to the True Self.  True Self refers to the person we have been created to be.  The True Self is both uniquely individual in expression and universal in nature. It is the point of connection with all other persons,  all of creation and God.  The True Self is not conditioned by personal experiences,  and it is limitless in potential.  It is characterized by nonjudgmental &  unconditional love.  The self with small "s" refers to the ego,  or the limited way that we think of ourselves which has been shaped by personal experiences.  In this class you will learn how the small self becomes the True Self,  with understanding how we view life,  how the True Self takes command of the ego self,  gradually,  patiently,  consciously correcting its limited beliefs and attitudes to bring them into alignment with the universal principles by with the True Self lives.

Class Cost $200.00 + $45.00 CSL Certificate

Includes Workbook & Certificate

Member $20.00 Discount if paid by 2nd class.

Books required  SOM Textbook & Living the SOM

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 All Non-CSL Certificated classes are FREE to anyone and you can join at any time.  All you have to do is click on the appropriate link to the class and join in.  If you choose to stay with the particular group let the facilitator know and purchase the appropriate book as requested and attend each session.  If you choose not to stay with the group then you can try other classes.  Listed below are the classes we are offering.  Please email Rev. Suzette for the links,  once you have these you will have access to all the programs.



MONDAY 9 AM A Course of Love  Book Study with Jody Karkowski


TUESDAY 3:30 PM The Way of Mastery Study Group with Jody Karkowski

WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:30  Spiritual Living Circles Connection  with Rev. Suzette

FRIDAT  10 am  Spiritual  Book Study   with Sylvia Aguilera & Judy Zimmerman

SUNDAY SERVICE 10 AM   Live Music *Speaker* Prayer *Meditation