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Honoring & Dedication

This page is dedicated to those who have passed through the veil of life and yet while they were here on earth,  they changed so many lives by their talents,  heart and gifts.  These individuals were members of Om and supported us in ways many did not know.  We Loved them,  we Miss them and we Honor them.  God Bless You!

Christina Veronica Nuno,  RScP

christina mountains.jpg

Christina is best known for her smile and "Let's try it" attitude.  Christina was Om's Music director,  CSL Certified Practitioner,  Teacher of Science of Mind and loved by all.  Christina honored Om for over 7 years and in her own words tells us how she came to be with the Om family and make it her home.

I was introduced to The Science of Mind Teaching over 20 years ago.  I took some classes at PCRS with Rev. Dr.  Kathy Hearn and  also sang in the choir. I felt a strong sense of “coming home” , but after 2 years I left the church and went on with my life.  I can’t help but think that my life could have been easier if I had stayed with this teaching, but now I feel so grateful and blessed to have found this path again.

About 5 years ago, A friend of mine told me about Om.  She encouraged me to come sing at the center.   I was reluctant at first but when I finally agreed to attend a service I felt that same feeling of “coming home” again.  I began taking classes and singing at Om on a regular basis and before long I found myself on the Practitioner track and also became the Musical Director.

People kept telling me I would “get the calling” to become a Practitioner but  I did not get “the calling” until the end of my second year of Practitioner studies.  One day I just knew this was meant for me.  I saw how much my life had changed from learning the concepts of this teaching and wanted to be able to share it with others.  I began writing songs that were related to everything I had learned and soon thereafter, I knew I wanted to teach and speak as well.  I wanted to share how life is always supporting us and how we have the power to create what we want when we use these tools and relinquish the idea that we are separate from our Source.  My love has always been music.  It is a gift I know Spirit has instilled in me.  It was music that brought me to Science of Mind and to a better understanding of Myself and my connection to God.

Christina left this earthly world too soon,  October 2020 and is missed by so many people.  She was a wonderful musician,  teacher,  friend,  companion and had a pure soul. I know in our hearts she will always be with us!   God Speed friend!

Barbara Jean Carstens

Barbara Carstens, was an Om Member for the last 5 years and participated in every activity she could.  She sang in the Choir,  came to every Sunday service and participated in our weekly  one to one shares.  She is best remembered as the one who practiced "Patience" and let us all know every week... a good practice for us too!   Barbara may have only been with Om for a short time,  but she was an amazing person,  never complained,  fought health challenges and once said to me "If people had a great life like I have,  there would be no wars."  Words of wisdom she gave us along with her support and love!  We honor Barbara as she is dearly missed! 

Barbara's passions in life included first and foremost her husband Ron who passed in 2015, with whom she shared 60 years of marriage, fun and family.  Barbara is survived by her three children, Randy Carstens, Cheryl Siscon, and Daren Carstens and several grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom will miss her laughter, love and light. 

Barbara's other passion was music.  She was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan, where she learned to play the piano and organ and continued to play in churches and other venues through most of her life.  Barbara was also a choir director, had a beautiful voice and loved singing.  Her children awoke to her morning "Rise and Shine" song and went to sleep to her nightly "Night-Night" song.  Barbara also took up the Cello, and played in the Skagit Symphony for 30 years, and several quartets and groups, providing beautiful music for weddings and other events.

Barbara was also very generous and enjoyed supporting groups and organizations.  After her move to San Diego she donated her home and property and over 1,000 feet of marine shoreline and forested uplands to the Skagit Land Trust, which awarded her the 2016 Land Conservation Award.  A beautiful public trail now runs though the property. 

Barbara is best known for her philanthropic giving-ness to many organizations,  including Om.  We are honored that Spirit brought her to our Om family and will carry her legacy forward.  Thank You Barbara for making the world a better place!

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