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At Om Center for Spiritual Living, we practice a form of affirmative prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” An affirmative prayer is a practical tool that aligns our thoughts with all-good. Affirmative Prayer is a powerful process that shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the good that is already present in our life.

How we Pray

Affirmative Prayer is a prayer that declares a spiritual Truth.  It is a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit. Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process into motion. It is a direct, focused, and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome:

  1. Recognition (God Is All There Is)

  2. Unification (I Am One with God)

  3. Realization (Speaking Your Desired Good)

  4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) and

  5. Release (Let Go, Let God)



To affirm is to declare that something is 100 percent true, and to stand in that truth — even in the face of all evidence to the contrary.  In Our Booklet there are many affirmations that you can use in your daily life.


For Abundance

I experience abundance in every area of my life. I have an abundance of money, time, friends and opportunity. I allow the abundance of the universe to flow to me and through me with ease and grace. I am grateful for my prosperous life.


For Forgiveness

I am willing to forgive myself for all past mistakes. I forgive friends and family that may have caused me discomfort and harm. As I forgive, I let go of all past resentments and I am free to live my life in peace, grace and joy.

Everyday Spiritual Practices

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If you are seeking inspiration for your spiritual journey to true awakening, Centers for Spiritual Living provides easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self/your soul, so that you can live an inspired, healthy and happy life. Awaken your authentic self with prayer, affirmations and meditation.

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Meditation is a wonderful metaphysical practice that fosters a blissful state of being, relaxes you, provides mental clarity and helps you to tap into your intuitive nature. Meditation can be silent or guided. Incorporating a regular meditation practice in your life will help you connect to the power of the Divine that resides within.

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Spiritual Booklet to guide your week.  Simply click on the image to receive a FREE copy.

This Prayer Booklet will guide you in conscious Prayer work for yourself and other.  Click on image for a FREE copy.

Spiritual Resolutions Planning Sheet for any year.  Simply take a piece of Paper and sketch out the above to assist you in Creating Your Greatest Life

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