Current Weekly Events

Due to Covid-19 Conditions,  Please refer to Zoom Classes during this time

Am Program

Enjoy our 20-minute silent meditation, that will allow you to go into a still place in your Mind and Heart, as well as,  be inspired by the live music and fellowship with like-minded positive people.

9:15 Meditation

10 am Sunday Program & Live Internet Broadcast

3rd Sunday of the Month is POTLUCK SUNDAY

Bring a favorite dish to share with the community.


EVERY OTHER MONTH - After Sunday Service


March - Women in Politics

May: To Vote or Not to Vote

July: America We Want to Be - Founding Aspirations

September: Guns & Responsibility

November: Healthcare

Om Center is a Safe Space and a Brave Space for these deep conversations. Come Join Us and help us bridge the gap in awareness and understanding.

Om CSL Calendar of Events

The events calendar for Om CSL is on meetup. To see the exciting things we are doing at Om check it out!

Be a Part of the Community Outreach  Team 


In August we will be organizing teams to lead group discussions with the two locations for Urban  Street Angels Group Homes.  The book we will be discussing is the 4 Agreements.  If you are interested click on the link and leave us your information and we will contact you directly for an interview.  Exact Date of Learning and Facilitating Groups will be announced shortly.


San Diego Clean Up Team: Completed

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Volunteers are what make an organization thrive.  Your support is so appreciated and welcomed.  If you have a special talent or an area you want to specifically participate in, please complete the "Sign Me Up" form and it will be advanced to my email address and the appropriate person will connect with you directly.  Volunteer Areas include:

Sunday Service Coordinator

Sound/Tech Team

Seasonal Decorating Team

Special Events Team

Bookstore Co-Leaders - Open Position

Om Maintenance Team

Welcome Team

6:30 pm Evening Classes


Including: Special Topics & CSL Certificated Classes.

See Our Education Board for Current Offerings

Tuesdays - Weekly - 12 Noon

 Heart,  Mind & Spiritually Based Recovery Program

This is a spiritually lead group, focused on One life Quality per session. Example : "Honesty" We open with a prayer, A quote is read , a couple of questions are stated, then individually all can share how that applies to their lives. There is no fixing in this group, only support , non-judgement, listening and community. All addictions are welcome, but do not have to be "announced" like other meetings, this program is about the next step in ones spiritual (any denomination) growth in life. We are here for the growth of the individual and to make the world a better place because of our willingness to step into a higher calling of one's self. Please join us. This is a FREE program. Facilitated by: Donna Pietrzak

2nd Tuesday of each month,  10:00 am, 
A Course In Miracle Study Group,  with Barbara Wiese. More Information below.

Wednesday - Monthly

2nd Wednesday of each month Currenly On Hold Until Jody Returns from Alaska

The Way of Mastery Book Reading Group,  with Jody Karkowski. 6:30 - 8:30  (Drop in's Welcome) 


Wednesdays - eBlast of Weekly Talks 

Thursday - Weekly

Mindful Meditation Practice  2pm

Wisdom Council Meeting - Click the Button Below and let us know ]you want to attend

In most cases our meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month , however that changes from time to time.  If you would like to attend, please let any of the council members know.  One month we go over financials and then other month marketing programs.  All are welcome.

Volunteers Wanted

1st Weekend of Every month we feature the National "Near Death Experience" support Group.  Featuring speakers from all over the world.  1:30 - 4PM



The Course in Miracles is a complete self-study thought system, which teaches that the way to universal love and peace or remembering God is by undoing guilt through forgiving others.


The Course focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy.  Not a religion, a Course in Miracles is a universal teaching that is expressed through non-sectarian, non-denominational spirituality.


"This is a course in miracles.  The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught.  It does aim at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your normal inheritance.  The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite". quoted from CIM course materials


The class is based on donation - $5 recommended -- but if one has no funds, they are always welcome!!! All monies are donated to Om for use of the facility.


Drop in - one does not have to attend each monthly class - it is fine to come when it works with your schedule. CLASS IS HELD THE 2ND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH AND Starts at 10 AM and over at 11:30 AM


Contact Barbara Wiese at 619-589-0802 for questions about the Course in Miracle or the class 

Healing Modalities Program  4th Wednesday of Every Other Month
Currently on Pause
Please rsvp at 619-929-1935,  door close at 6:30 sharp.  The event will be canceled if there are not enough participants,  so please call early so we can schedule healers in advance.
Every other month Om opens an evening up for different forms of healing.  Experience the benefits of healing with practitioners available to provide healing sessions to you. Open to all. We will provide a healing loving space on the last Wednesday of every month where practitioners using a variety of healing techniques, such as Reiki, crystals, prayer, EFT and more to bring loving healing energy to all.
If you are a healer and would like to participate please contact Cheryl at 619-929-1935  If you are in need of healing, we hope to see you there!

Services for mini sessions are free with a suggested love donation.

A GROUP “BREATHWORK” - Currently on Pause


Summer Solstice time is here. This day! This longest, brightest day of the year charges up our innate power and shines bolstering, purifying light into our hearts. This point on the "Wheel of the Year" is a time to appreciate who we are, where we are, the people around us, and all the many, many blessings we already have. What we focus on expands, so the more we feel grateful for all we have, the more lovable things we attract.

This special evening will be about all that: your light, your true self, and manifesting your dreams.

* Experience Guided Meditation, ritual, and mind- and heart-opening exercises - all in a safe and supportive setting.
* Dive into a healing modality like no other, in a space dedicated to unconditional love and the light that you are.
* Experience a process to help you clear anything that keeps you from manifesting your visions and dreams.
* Come to gather in a community of like-minded souls, completely ready to honor your truest self.
* Celebrate the turning of the wheel on another sacred solstice.

DATE - On Summer Break

$45 regular
$30 Om Member / Grapevine / Special Needs

* Register at
* Open to first registered 18 people.
* Details of specific notes and what to bring will be sent to you once registration is complete.

Contact to Jim at or (858) 518-5826